Welcome to your IQ test (:

  1. What is the square root of 360?
  2. If you said 60, congrats! Add 200 points to your IQ. If you said ANYTHING ELSE, go away now.
  3. Are you my sister?
  4. If you are, go die.
  5. What is the greenhouse effect?
  6. Did you say that it is the process by which gases hold heat in the air? Add 200 or leave.
  7. What is the most common allergy?
  8. Allergy to ragweed is a really common one! Warning: the next questions are stupid and based purely on opinion.
  9. HaVe YoU bEeN dRuNk ReCeNtLy? Heh.
  10. If you have, aren't you dumb. Take off 200 from your IQ and leave. You're not smart.
  11. If you haven't, you're smart(er)! Add a big ol' 200 to your IQ and keep reading. If you've been cheating, I assume you can't read, so why should the smart people worry about you?
  12. Do you prefer electronics (not counting e-books) to books?
  13. If you prefer books, you're probably pretty smart, but if you prefer electronics, you're ACTUALLY smarter.yeet.
  14. Don't listen to anything I write. I have very strong opinions that are entirely uneducated.
  15. You shouldn't even be on here, you know. This was created by some random (TOP-SECRET FBI) person in a galaxy far, far away who is interminably bored and would be surprised if anyone visited its website anyway.

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